• The Batman, A Fan Film

    This is our fan film set in the world of the Dark Knig...

  • Goldeneye Multiplayer

    A Classic from my childhood and for many others as well..

  • Goldeneye B.T.S.

    Take a look Behind the Scenes on how me made Real Life...

  • GoPro Hero3 HFR

    We test out the new Hero3 Black's High Frame Rate abil...

  • Cosmopolitan Sith

    This is our spoof of the Pitbull, Chris Brown "International...

  • Nerf Defense

    Assassin with at Assault Riffle vs. Youtube watcher with a Nerf...

  • Make Up Special Effects

    A breakdown of how we did the prosthetic makeup for our...

  • Grimm VFX

    A breakdown of how Hive-FX does their creature morphs for...

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