The Adventures of Dex Dixon Paranormal Dick - SCENE 1



Dex Dixon is the story of a hardboiled private dick at the beginning of the end of his career. Dex lives in Our Fair City, an urban sprawl at the edge of a dimensional rift between our world and that of Night Side, the world of the monsters of old.
This is the first 10 pages of our feature script. We created this as a proof of concept piece to help sell our film noir horror comedy musical.

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Written by : Steve Coker
Executive Producer:
Patrica E Adkins
Steve Coker
GB Barker

Greg Skelton

Cinematogrphy by:
Oli WIlliams

Fight Flashback Director of Photography:
James Chick
Aaron L. Smith

Aaron Smith
Steve Coker
James Chick

Creature Makeup:
Ravenous Studios
Christina Kortum

Script Supervisor:
Patrica E Adkins

Visual Effects Supervisor:
James Chick

Steve Coker - Dex Dixon
Nelly Nailer - Mercedes Rose
Ira Kortum - Fritz
Lewis Tottle - Mysterious Shadow

Scott Fink
David Ian
Amelia Shelly
Rhyan Schwartz
And The Unchained Girls
Melissa Walther
Dino de Aelfweald
Erika Lynn

Ryan Menard
Erica Namare

1st Camera:
Lewis Tottle

2nd Camera:
Martin Melnick

Key Grip:
James Chick

Martin Melnick

Sound Recordist:
Ken Webster

Foley & Sound Design:
Ken Webster

Terri Lodge

Set Construction:
Fright F/X

Art Direction:
PR Tooke
Patrica E Adkins

Flynn Tooke Morrison

Levy Moroshan
James Chick

Original Score:
KJ McElrath

Fight Flashback Score:
Pete Peterson

Studio Musicians:
Pete Peterson
Jon Shaw
Ed Pierce
Dan Gaynor
Stan Bock
Greg Garrett
Bryan Dickerson

Studio Engineer:
Dennis Carter

Music Recorded and Mastered:
Falcon Recording Studios Inc.

Stunt Coordinator:
Jerry Buxbaum

Scott K Hills
Erica Namare
Jerry Buxbaum

Fight Choreography:
Academia Duellatoria
Jeff Richardson
Matthew Howden

Character Sketches:
Scott Roller

RED Camera Provided by:
Studio 8

Studio Space Provided by:
Tim Whitcomb and Indent Studios


"Frisk Me Dex"
words and music by
Steve Coker
KJ McElrath

Performed by
Gea Belle Barker

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